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FORTNITE Official: Poster Book

Артикул: 796694
Авторы: Epic Games
Язык изданияАнглійська
Дата издания: 2020
Переплёт: М'яка
Количество страниц: 16
Формат: 215х285 мм
ISBN: 9781472281340
Штрихкод:  9781472281340
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Celebrate the awesome artwork of Fortnite with this unique poster book, brought to you by Epic Games. Featuring four fold-out double-sided posters with EIGHT exclusive Fortnite images, this is the perfect way to brighten up the wall of any Fortnite fan.
Each full-colour poster has a dimension of 435mm x 290mm when unfolded.

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FORTNITE Official: Poster Book

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