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Артикул: 251012
Подлинное название: Art: The Definitive Visual Guide
Язык изданияанглійська
Количество страниц: 612
Формат: 30.0 x 26.0 x 4.0
Вес (гр.): 3360
ISBN: 9781405322430
Штрихкод:  9781405322430
1417.35 грн
1389.00 грн
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This is the ultimate visual guide to paintings and sculpture from around the world. Bring a gallery of more than 2,500 of the world's most influential paintings and sculptures ever created into your home and learn everything you need to know about art history. Peruse over 8,000 stunning works from 700 artists and explore the major milestones of art history from cave paintings to modern masterpieces. Learn how to 'read' composition, subject matter, technique and style as key paintings are examined in intricate detail to help you understand the artist's intentions, style and method. Picture-packed pages explore common themes such as landscapes, nudes and animals. This book is created in collaboration with the biggest art library in the world, Bridgeman, this is a must-have for every family bookshelf.

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