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    About Bukva

    About Company 

    BUKVA – leader in the distribution market of cultural goods with a unique heritage and the legendary history.

    For millions customers BUKVA is a conductor in the world of culture, a guarantee of good taste and high standards of service, offering a unique combination of products, which are the subject of intellectual heritage, the foundation of knowledge in different areas and at the same time allow the pleasure to spend your free time (books, exclusive publication in score of leather, stationery, souvenirs, board games etc.).   

    About E-store 

    BUKVA.ua - one of the largest online bookstores in Ukraine! The cozy world of books and exciting entertainment. You will find ourselves what we need you 

    For you, our dear book connoisseurs, we offer a wide range of different genres of books from a variety of thematic content at affordable prices. You can find an impressive, valuable gift, opening a world of exclusive premium leather editions. It is in our store you will find exciting games for both children and adults, as well as high quality stationery. Please contact - we always find something of interest to you!

    Make purchases in BUKVA.ua  is comfortable and pleasant: open our online store or call in our multi-number call-center (044) 359-0-369, choose a product, create order and we deliver it convenient for you.

    Delivery of orders is carried out throughout Ukraine and abroad.

    For regular customers operates discount program. Іts detailed terms you can read by clicking the following link