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    Soiree: The Art Of Nekosuke

    Article: 812325
    Authors: Некосуке
    Language: Англійська, Японська
    Imprint date: 2019
    Book-cover: М'яка
    Pages: 160
    Format: 183x257x14 мм
    ISBN: 9784756249579
    ManufacturerPie Books
    Barcode:  7781232500492
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    The long-awaited illustration collection by Nekosuke.

    Nekosuke is one of the most popular illustrators on social media in Japan. The atmosphere of corrupt beauty and the sense of decadence in Nekosuke's artworks have made the illustrator an instant internet sensation with more than 60,000 followers on Twitter. Following this success online, Nekosuke released four original doujinshi , which sold out immediately: Exotica, Exotica -2, Kaiki-to-jou, Yume ni Utsutsu. Nekosuke now draws illustrations for book covers and magazines.

    This book contains illustrations from Nekosuke's first four doujinshi AND features original artworks, as well. Cute original characters such as ?small Alice? and ?cat? are also included in this book.

    - Exotica: an illustration collection featuring large animals and girls.

    - Exotica -2-: an illustration collection featuring large animals and boys.

    - Kaiki-to-jou: an illustration collection featuring Japanese folk tales along with original stories of monstrous creature.

    - Yume ni Utsutsu ni: an illustration collection featuring European folk tales.

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    Soiree: The Art Of Nekosuke

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