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Артикул: 98003
Автори: Stephen Baxter
Дата видання: 2001
Палітурка: Мягкий Переплёт
Кількість сторінок: 464
ISBN: 000651183
Штрихкод: 9780006511830
Ціна bukva.ua
74.90 грн
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'If they existed, they would be here' - Enrico Fermi. In the second volume in Stephen Baxter's epic "Manifold" Series, Reid Malenfant inhabits the universe Malenfant kick-started in Time ('science fiction at its best' - "FHM") - and 'they' are here. When Nemoto, a Japanese researcher on the Moon, discovers evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence in the solar system, the Fermi Paradox provokes both Malenfant and Nemoto to question why now? Because, suddenly, there are signs of intelligent life in deep space in all directions. Deeper layers of Fermi's paradox unravel as robot-like aliens, the Gaijin, seem to be e-mailing themselves from star to star, and wherever telescopes point, far away, other alien races are destroying worlds!

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