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There was one night in the troubled spring of the dramatic year 2014 that saved Kharkiv from the tragic fate of Donetsk, Luhansk, and many Donbas towns and villages, which endure now the seventh year of devastation by hands of separatists and Russian mercenaries. It was the first victory in the ...

Green notebook  Arsen Avakov

This collection combines articles, essays, published works and FB posts of Arsen Avakov. The book covers one of the most difficult periods of modern history of Ukraine: from January 1, 2014 to the fall 2017. Sometimes these are abstract texts, sometimes reflections or emotions in response to the...

Is Lenin with us? / Ленин с нами?  Arsen Avakov / Арсен Аваков

The article “Lenin is with us” by Arsen Avakov, the Ukrainian politician and well known public figure, came out in the electronic media in 2007 evoking a wide response among the public and causing a heated discussion in the internet. Ten years later, the author revisits the topic adding a questio...

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