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The Art Of Baron Yoshimoto

Артикул: 812481
Автори: Yoshimoto Baron
Мова виданняАнглійська
Дата видання: 2019
Палітурка: Тверда
Кількість сторінок: 184
Формат: 8.66 x 0.79 x 12.01 inches
ISBN: 9784756251718
ВиробникPie Books
Штрихкод:  7781248100495
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From Baron Yoshimoto’s vast collection of works from his 60-year career ranging from Gekiga (comics aimed at adult audiences with a dramatic and cinematic style and more mature themes) and illustrations to paintings on paper and canvas, this book introduces 120 artworks from his entire career. For the first time ever, this book collects Yoshimoto’s works from the 1980s, when he spent time in the US. Works from exhibitions under the name “Ryu Manji” in the 1990s and works from Yoshimoto’s live drawing event done in collaboration with Katsuya Terada are showcased, as well. As a Gekiga illustrator and a painter, readers will enjoy Baron Yoshimoto’s life and work from various aspects. A rare and important interview with Katsuya Terada is included as a special feature.

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The Art Of Baron Yoshimoto

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