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Witch Of Portobello

Артикул: 809547
АвториPaulo Coelho
Мова виданняАнглійська
Дата видання: 2022
Палітурка: М'яка
Кількість сторінок: 368
Формат: 198 x 129 x 25
ISBN: 9780007251872
ВиробникHarperCollins Publishers
Штрихкод:  7780954700494
Ціна bukva.ua
639.00 грн
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From one of the world's best loved storytellers, Paulo Coelho, comes a riveting novel tracing the mysterious life and disappearance of Athena dubbed 'the Witch of Portobello'.
This is the story of Athena, or Sherine, to give her the name she was baptised with. Her life is pieced together through a series of recorded interviews with those people who knew her well or hardly at all - parents, colleagues, teachers, friends, acquaintances, her ex-husband.
The novel unravels Athena's mysterious beginnings, via an orphanage in Romania, to a childhood in Beirut. When war breaks out, her adoptive family move with her to London, where a dramatic turn of events occurs...
Athena, who has been dubbed 'the Witch of Portobello' for her seeming powers of prophecy, disappears dramatically, leaving those who knew her to solve the mystery of her life and abrupt departure.
Like The Alchemist, The Witch of Portobello is the kind of story that will transform the way readers think about love, passion, joy and sacrifice.

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Witch Of Portobello

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