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The Europeans

Артикул: 115992
АвторыHenry James
ISBN: 0-14-062195-4
Штрихкод: 9780140623970
21.90 грн
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In the hope of making a wealthy marriage, Eugenia, the Baroness Munster, and her younger brother, the artist Felix, descend on the Wentworths, in Boston. Installed in a nearby house, they become close friends with the younger Wentworths - Gertrude, Charlotte and Clifford.

Eugenia`s wit, guile and sophistication, and Felix`s debonair vivacity form an uneasy alliance with the Puritan morality and the frugal, domestic virtues of the Americans. A rich and delicately balanced comedy of manners, `The Europeans` weighs the values of the established order against those of New England society, but makes no simple judgements, only subtle contrasts and beautifully observed comparisons.

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The Europeans

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